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Table 1 Ovid Medline and Embase Search Strategy for study on the association between ambient air pollution and pulmonary tuberculosis

From: The association between ambient air pollution and pulmonary tuberculosis: a systematic review protocol

Search # Search words
1 Air pollution (MeSH terms) OR air pollution OR ambient air pollution OR outdoor air pollution OR air pollutants OR environmental pollutants Carbon monoxide OR CO OR Nitrogen dioxide OR NO2 OR Sulphur dioxide OR SO2 OR Ozone OR O3 OR Particulate matter OR PM10
2 Tuberculosis (MeSH) OR tuberculosis OR pulmonary tuberculosis OR TB OR mycobacterial infection OR mycobacterium OR drug-resistant tuberculosis OR multidrug-resistant tuberculosis OR MDR-TB OR XDR-TB
3 Incidence (MeSH) OR hospital admission (MeSH) OR hospitalisation (MeSH) OR mortality (MeSH) OR incidence OR admission OR mortality OR death
4 #1 AND #2 AND #3
  1. MeSH Medical Subject Headings