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Table 1 Bibliographic databases and grey literature sources to be searched, including platforms used to access databases and years of institutional subscription access, where applicable. Search string modifications for grey literature sources with limitations are defined

From: What evidence exists on conservation actions to conserve insects? A protocol for a systematic map of literature reviews

Platform Database Years Modifications to search string
EBSCO Academic Search Premier 1887–2020 n/a
CAB Abstracts 1973–2020
Web of Science BIOSIS Citation Index 1926–2020 n/a
Core collections  
 SCI-EXPANDED 1945–2020
 SSCI 1956–2020
 A&HCI 1975–2020
 CPCI-S 1990–2020
 CPCI-SSH 1990–2020
 ESCI 2015–2020
Zoological Record 1864–2020 CORE
PubMed Central
Microsoft Academic
n/a All substrings will be searched in title or abstract with proximity operator replaced with ~ n and restructured so that only one term will be within proximity to a set of terms. For example, in the biodiversity or population response substring, the first paired combination will become ((densit* OR diverse OR diversit* OR richness OR abundance OR composition OR similarit* OR distribution* OR occupancy) AND communit* ~ 10) and the same will be repeated for species and population*
Scopus Scopus 1788–2020 W/n used as proximity operator
Google Scholar Google Scholar N/A insect “systematic map” OR “systematic review” OR “evidence review” OR “evidence map” OR “systematic literature review” OR metaanalysis OR “meta analysis” OR meta-analysis OR “quantitative synthesis”
DART-Europe DART-Europe E-theses n/a insect AND (review OR meta-analysis)
ProQuest Dissertations & Theses A&I 1861–2020 noft(insect AND (review OR meta-analysis))
NDLTD Networked Digital Library of Theses & Dissertations 1970–2020 n/a
OpenThesis OpenThesis 1602–2020 synthesis substring searched only in title and abstract; other substrings searched in full text
CEEDER CEEDER 2018–2019 insect OR invert*