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Table 2 Full search string grouped by substrings representing our four concept categories of insects, biodiversity or population responses, evidence synthesis, and conservation action

From: What evidence exists on conservation actions to conserve insects? A protocol for a systematic map of literature reviews

Substring Search terms
Insects ((“insect” OR “insects” OR “insecta” OR entomofauna* OR pollinator* OR “parasitoid” OR “parasitoids” OR arthropod* OR invertebrat* OR macroinvertebrat* OR mecoptera* OR coleoptera* OR hymenoptera* OR ephemeroptera* OR dermaptera* OR thysanoptera* OR trichoptera* OR diptera* OR orthoptera* OR lepidoptera* OR plecoptera* OR raphidioptera* OR hemiptera* OR neuroptera* OR siphonaptera* OR phthiraptera* OR megaloptera* OR strepsiptera* OR embioptera* OR zoraptera* OR psocod* OR blattod* OR odonat* OR phasmid* OR zygentoma* OR archaeognatha* OR alderfl* OR aphid* OR aulacid* OR hexapod* OR heteroptera* OR holometabola* OR hemimetabola* OR apterygota* OR endopterygota* OR noctuoid* OR auchenorrhyncha* OR sternorrhyncha* OR fulgoroid* OR cicadoid* OR cercopid* OR psocoptera* OR isoptera* OR pyraloid* OR thysanura* OR backswimm* OR barklic* OR booklic* OR braconid* OR bristletail* OR bumblebe* OR butterfl* OR caddisfl* OR casemak* OR ceraphronid* OR cicada* OR clubtail* OR cockroach* OR cricket* OR damselfl* OR darner* OR dobsonfl* OR dragonfl* OR dryinid* OR dustyw* OR earwig* OR emerald* OR encyrtid* OR ensign* OR fairyfl* OR “felt* scale*” OR firefl* OR fishfl* OR flea* OR flies OR forcepfl* OR froghopp* OR gasteruptiid* OR gnat* OR grasshopp* OR “ground* pearl*” OR hangingfl* OR hemipteran* OR hornet* OR horntail* OR ichneumon* OR katydid* OR “lac scale*” OR lacew* OR leafhopp* OR “lice” OR mayfl* OR megaspilid* OR metalmark* OR midg* OR mosquito* OR “moth” OR “moths” OR owlfl* OR “palm* scale*” OR parnassian* OR pelecinid* OR petaltail* OR “pit scale*” OR psocid* OR pteromalid* OR “rock* crawler*” OR “sand* minnow*” OR sawfl* OR scorpionfl* OR shadowdamsel* OR silverfish* OR skimmer* OR skipper* OR snakefl* OR spiketail* OR spongillafl* OR spreadw* OR stonefl* OR swallowtail* OR termit* OR threadtail* OR thrip* OR treehopp* OR walkingstick* OR wasp* OR “water* boatmen*” OR “water measurer*” OR “water* treader*” OR waterscorpion* OR webspinn* OR weta* OR whitefl* OR wormlion* OR yellowjacket* OR zorapteran* OR (“ant” NOT “ant-”) OR (“bee” NOT “bee-”) OR “ants” OR “bees” OR microcoryphia* OR notoptera* OR “ice crawler*” OR hopper* OR embiidina* OR hoverfl* OR borer* OR (“bug” NOT “bug-”) OR weevil* OR (“fly” NOT “fly-”) OR beetle* OR leafmin* OR “louse” OR caterpillar* OR cutworm* OR leafrol* OR webworm* OR looper* OR maggot* OR wireworm* OR curculio* OR casebear* OR armyworm* OR budworm* OR sphinx* OR engrav* OR psyllid* OR coneworm* OR rootworm* OR skeletoni* OR adelgid* OR fruitworm* OR leaftier* OR chafer* OR ips OR sawyer* OR chalcid* OR girdler* OR seedworm* OR bollworm* OR cabbageworm* OR delphacid* OR fleahopp* OR mealworm* OR needlemin* OR oakworm* OR sharpshoot* OR carpenterworm* OR hornworm* OR kerm* OR leaffold* OR leafworm* OR phylloxera* OR spanworm* OR timberworm* OR cankerworm* OR clearwing* OR colasp* OR conenos* OR embiid* OR fireworm* OR grub* OR hairstreak* OR jointworm* OR leafcutt* OR lecanium* OR mapleworm* OR prionus* OR psylla* OR roseslug* OR scolytid* OR screwworm* OR sheathmin* OR strider* OR tortrix* OR trogiid* OR woollybear* OR naiad* OR nymph*)
Biodiversity or population response (((communit* OR species OR population* OR “insect” OR “insects”) NEAR/10 (densit* OR diverse OR diversit* OR richness OR abundance OR composition OR similarit* OR distribution* OR occupancy OR conserv* OR habitat)) OR biodiversity OR “functional diversity” OR “species loss” OR “loss* of species” OR “number of species” OR (species AND (focal OR target OR keystone OR umbrella OR red-list* OR threatened OR endangered OR rare OR indicator)))
Evidence synthesis ((synthes* NEAR/5 (evidence OR research OR quantitative OR qualitative OR “mixed method*”)) OR (systematic* NEAR/5 map*) OR (evidence NEAR/5 map*) OR “meta-analys*” OR “meta analys*” OR review)
Conservation action (conserv* OR manag* OR restor* OR preserv* OR action* OR interven* OR policy OR policies OR practice* OR protect* OR reintroduc* OR scheme* OR regulat* OR legislat* OR “rule” OR “rules” OR subsidi* OR tarif* OR reform* OR “measure” OR “measures” OR “treatment”))