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Table 3 Meta-data to be extracted from relevant reviews

From: What evidence exists on conservation actions to conserve insects? A protocol for a systematic map of literature reviews

Item Description
Title Published title
Year Year of publication
Authors Author’s records
Journal Full journal name
Volume Journal volume
Pages Article pages
Abstract Published summary text
Action name(s) Short 1- to 3- word description of all actions included in a synthesis
Action description(s) Authors’ full description of the action(s)
Focal taxa/taxon Stated taxa/taxon that is the focus of the action(s)
Focal biome Biome in which the focal taxa/taxon exists, as it has been classified by the authors of the review. These biomes will be reclassified post hoc using a standard ontology [54]
Focal geographical region Geographical region in which the focal taxa/taxon exists