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Table 5 Site name, location, setting, and number of included studies

From: What are the relative risks of mortality and injury for fish during downstream passage at hydroelectric dams in temperate regions? A systematic review

SiteLocationSetting# Studies
ÄtraforsFalkenberg, SwedenField1
BakerWashington, United StatesField1
Big CliffOregon, United StatesField6
BonnevilleWashington/Oregon, United StatesField15
ColliersvilleNew York, United StatesField2
ConowingoPennsylvania, United StatesField3
CrescentNew York, United StatesField2
Crown ZellerbachOregon, United StatesField2
CushmanWashington, United StatesField6
DallesWashington/Oregon, United StatesField2
DetroitOregon, United StatesField5
ElwhaWashington, United StatesField14
Fourth Lake GSNova Scotia, CanadaField1
French LandingMichigan, United StatesField1
Glines CanyonWashington, United StatesField3
Green PeterOregon, United StatesField2
HbNorth Island, New ZealandField1
HoltwoodPennsylvania, United StatesField1
HolyokeMassachusetts, United StatesField7
Ice HarborWashington, United StatesField3
John DayWashington, United StatesField6
KostheimHesse, GermanyField1
La GlaciereMillau, FranceField1
LeaburgOregon, United StatesField1
LequilleNova Scotia, CanadaField6
Little GooseWashington/Oregon, United StatesField10
Lower GraniteWashington/Oregon, United StatesField17
Lower MonumentalWashington, United StatesField4
Magaguadavic RiverNew Brunswick, CanadaField1
MayfieldWashington, United StatesField1
McNaryWashington/Oregon, United StatesField8
MorrowMichigan, United StatesField1
New South Wales Department of Primary IndustriesNew South Wales, AustraliaField3
North ForkOregon, United StatesField3
PortlandOregon, United StatesField3
Priest RapidsWashington, United StatesField2
PublishersOregon, United StatesField3
Rock IslandWashington, United StatesField2
Rocky ReachWashington, United StatesField3
Safe HarbourPennsylvania, United StatesField1
SetonBritish Columbia, CanadaField3
ShastaCalifornia, United StatesField5
Troussy MillMillau, FranceField1
WaltervilleOregon, United StatesField1
WanapumWashington, United StatesField30
White RiverWashington, United StatesField2
Alden Research LaboratoryMassachusetts, United StatesLab29
Allis-Chalmers lab YorkPennsylvania, United StatesLab1
McNary Testing FacilityWashington, United StatesLab4
Pacific Northwest National LabWashington, United StatesLab33
Total  264