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Table 1 Topics and records of the map

From: What evidence exists on the impact of agricultural practices in fruit orchards on biodiversity? A systematic map

Reference manager fieldsAuthor, title, year, URL and source
Description level of ISG and APOIn four classes according to the importance assigned to each ISG and APO: 1: only marginally mentioned; 2: addressed but not deepened; 3: discussed; 4: main focusPopulation_DL_ISG
Mapped fieldsComparator 1: theme; comparator 2: grouped practices and habitat types; comparator 3: management system: organic, integrated, conventional; comparator 4: number of samplings per year, type of sampling
Outcome 1: measures of change; outcome 2: biodiversity aspects
Language, reference types 1–2, design type, study design, number of sites, duration in years/growing seasons, comment 1–2, schedular or graphical visualisation yes/no, statistics yes/no, species list 1–3, treatment plan what and whenMap_Study_Details
Continent, nation and state, region, spatial extentMap_Location
Orchard crop, orchard type (system), other crop/farming typeMap_Production
Orchard system and subhabitats that are surveyed/described in the articles and can be used for habitat evaluation for each described ISGMap_Habitat
Computed fieldsSVA_Percent, SVA_mean (calculated on the basis of 13 mapped fields)StudyValidityAssessment