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Table 1 Search strings to be used for each species included in the systematic review

From: Management of UK priority invasive alien plants: a systematic review protocol

English nameLatin nameSearch string
Chilean rhubarbGunnera tinctoria“Chilean rhubarb” OR “giant rhubarb” OR (Gunnera AND (tinctoria OR scabra)) OR (Panke AND (acaulis OR caulescens OR tinctoria OR chilensis))
Giant hogweedHeracleum mantegazzianum“Giant hogweed” OR “cartwheel-flower” OR “giant cow parsley” OR “giant cow parsnip” OR “hogsbane” OR “wild parsnip” OR “hogsbane” OR “wild parsnip” OR “wild rhubarb” OR “Heracleum mantegazzianum”
Himalayan balsamImpatiens glandulifera“Himalayan balsam” OR “Policeman’s Helmet” OR “Bobby Tops” OR “Copper Tops” OR “Gnome’s Hatstand”OR “Kiss-me-on-the-mountain” OR “ornamental jewelweed” OR (Balsamina AND (glandulifera OR macrochila OR roylei)) OR (Impatiens AND (glandulifera OR candida OR cornigera OR glanduligera OR macrochila OR moschata OR royleana OR roylei OR taprobanica))
Curly waterweedLagarosiphon majorLagarosiphon AND (major or muscoides) OR “African elodea” OR “oxygen weed”
American skunk cabbageLysichiton americanus“American skunk cabbage” OR “western skunk cabbage” OR “yellow skunk cabbage” OR “swamp lantern” OR “Lysichiton americanus”
Nuttall’s waterweedElodea nuttallii“Anacharis nuttallii” OR (Elodea AND (columbiana OR minor OR nuttallii)) OR (Philotria AND (minor OR nuttallii)) OR “Udora verticillata” OR “nutall* waterweed” OR “western waterweed”
Floating pennywortHydrocotyle ranunculoidesHydrocotyle AND (ranunculoides OR adoensis OR batrachioides OR cymbalarifolia OR natans OR nutans) OR “floating pennywort” OR “floating marshpennywort”
Parrot’s featherMyriophyllum aquaticum“Enydria aquatica” OR (Myriophyllum AND (brasiliense OR proserpinacoides OR aquaticum)) OR “parrots feather” OR “parrots-feather”
Japanese knotweedFallopia japonica“Fallopia japonica” OR “fallopia compacta” OR “pleuropterus zuccarinii” OR (polygonum AND (cuspidatum OR cuspidatum OR hachidyoense OR reynoutria OR sieboldii OR zuccarinii)) OR (reynoutria AND (japonica OR compacta OR hachidyoensis OR hachijoensis OR hastata OR henryi OR uzenensis)) OR “tiniaria japonica” OR “japanese knotweed” OR “asian knotweed” OR “fleeceflower” OR “Himalayan fleece vine” OR “monkeyweed” OR “monkey fungus” OR “Hancock’s curse” OR “elephant ears” OR “pea shooters” OR “donkey rhubarb” OR “sally rhubarb” OR “japanese bamboo” OR “american bamboo” OR “mexican bamboo”
  1. Search strings were used for databases that allowed Boolean operators, but in cases where they were not allowed the Latin species name alone was used