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Table 3 Data we plan to extract from studies and indication of which data will be used in study validity assessment

From: Management of UK priority invasive alien plants: a systematic review protocol

VariableDescriptionUsed in study validity assessment
CountryCountry/countries where study was carried outNo
LatitudeLatitude of site(s) used in studyNo
LongitudeLongitude of site(s) used in studyNo
Start dateDate on which management intervention was first implemented (If only month is specified the date will only record the month and year)No
End dateDate on which implementation of management intervention ceased/was carried out for the final time (If only month is specified the date will only record the month and year)No
Invasive plant speciesAccepted Latin binomial name for focal invasive speciesNo
Ecosystem typeEcosystem type in which study was undertaken - following the IUCN habitat classification scheme (
Management interventionName of management intervention - based on management intervention classification scheme (see Additional file 2 for more details of this)No
Frequency of management interventionNumber of times year−1 that a management intervention was carried outNo
Intensity of management interventionThe intensity at which a management intervention was carried out (e.g. Grazed with 4 sheep ha−1 year−1)No
Area over which intervention was appliedArea in ha over which a management intervention was appliedNo
Controlled/not controlledA study which compares outcomes in a location where a management intervention has been used with an area where no management intervention was usedYes
Before-and-afterA study which compares outcomes between a time when no management intervention was used and a time when the management intervention was used at a later time pointYes
Experimental/correlative studyIs the study experimental or correlative? (see text for definition of these terms).Yes
RandomizationRandomized/not randomizedYes
PairingPaired/unpaired (for correlative studies)Yes
BlockingBlocked/unblocked (for manipulative studies)Yes
Size of sampling unitSize in m2 of sampling unit (e.g. plot) used to collect dataNo
Homogeneity of plot sizes usedHomogenous/not homogenousYes
Number of replicatesNumber of replicate sample units in each comparative groupNo
Distance between replicate plotsDistance in km between different plots used to investigate the same treatmentNo
Distance between treatmentsDistance in km between plots used to investigate different treatmentsNo
Greenhouse/field studyWas the study carried out in a greenhouse or in the field?No
Duration of studyNumber of years after management intervention for which results were monitoredNo
Confounding factorsWere there any severely confounding factors? (yes, partially, no, unclear)Yes
OutcomesFor a full list of outcomes that we will consider see our outcome classification scheme in Additional file 3 
  1. In cases where there is not enough information in articles to extract information for a variable this will be left blank