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Table 8 Most frequently measured ARGs (N ≥ 10 articles) in organic waste and number of articles (N) in which they are measured (among the 98 articles preselected for the meta-analysis)

From: How effective are strategies to control the dissemination of antibiotic resistance in the environment? A systematic review

ARG Antibiotic family targeted Mechanism of resistancea N articles
sul1 Sulfonamide Target replacement 48
sul2 Sulfonamide Target replacement 42
tetX Tetracycline Antibiotic inactivation 41
tetW Tetracycline Target protection 40
tetM Tetracycline Target protection 36
ermB Macrolide Target alteration 35
tetO Tetracycline Target protection 29
ermF Macrolide Target alteration 27
tetG Tetracycline Antibiotic efflux 26
tetC Tetracycline Antibiotic efflux 25
tetQ Tetracycline Target protection 23
tetA Tetracycline Antibiotic efflux 21
ermX Macrolide Target alteration 14
tetB Tetracycline Antibiotic efflux 13
tetL Tetracycline Antibiotic efflux 13
  1. All ATBR markers measured in these articles are available in Additional file 7. Data issued from the dataset for meta-analysis on organic waste treatments (Additional file 6)
  2. aResistance mechanisms were obtained from The Comprehensive Antibiotic Resistance Database (