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Table 3 Definitions of spatial scale and temporal scale terminology to be used in this study (adapted from Estes et al. [6])

From: Spatial and temporal scales of coral reef fish ecological research and management: a systematic map protocol

SPATIAL scale terminology Definition TEMPORAL scale terminology Definition
Sampling resolution Area of an individual spatial replicate. The finest scale at which a complete measurement of every unit of the quantity of interest is recorded Sampling duration How long it took to make one observation of the phenomenon in question, at a given point in space
Observational interval The time that elapsed between repeated observations of the same point in space or individual organism
Actual extent The summed area of all spatial replicates (calculated by multiplying the sampling resolution by the number of spatial replicates) Actual duration Summed observational time of all temporal replicates (calculated by multiplying the sampling duration by the number of repeat observations)
Total extent The total area enclosed within a perimeter defined by the outermost spatial replicates Total duration The total period of time over which the phenomenon of interest was observed (between the first and last temporal replicate)