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Table 1 Examples of PICO/PECO components associated with our systematic map topic

From: Evidence for the effects of decommissioning man-made structures on marine ecosystems globally: a systematic map protocol

Population(s) [subject] Intervention(s)/Exposure(s) Comparator(s) Outcome(s)
Any components of the marine ecosystem, including:
Functional guild
Biogenic habitat (e.g. kelp)
Water column
Geographical scope: global
Man-made structures in the sea—during their operation, alterations and any options for their decommissioning) Over time (B/A)
Over space (C/I; inside/outside; control or reference site)
Over time and space (BACI)
Any aspects of the marine ecosystems, including (but not limited to):
Ecosystem functions
Ecosystem services (incl. social and economic outcomes where relevant)
Biological parameters
Ecological/community parameters
Habitat (type, quality, extent…)
Physical and geochemical parameters
Interconnections (larval flow, dispersal)