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Table 2 Search terms (formatted in Web of Science)

From: Biochar’s effect on the ecosystem services provided by sandy-textured and contaminated sandy soils: a systematic review protocol

Intervention Population Outcome
(TS = (biochar* OR "biochar amendment$" OR agrichar OR "black carbon$" OR "biochar-mediated" OR charcoal OR "biochar field study")) (TS = ("hydrological control*" OR "hydraulic properties*" OR "hydrologic* cycle" OR “water retention” OR “clean water” OR “hydrological control” OR “water leak*” OR “water leach*” OR "water availabl*" OR "soil water availability" OR "readily available water" OR evaporation OR "water runoff" OR "plant available water" OR "WHC" OR "soil humidity" OR "field capacity" OR "nutrient loss" OR "soil moisture" OR "water holding capacity" OR "water content" OR "water infiltration" OR "water cycle" OR "nutrient availabl*" OR "available nutrient$" OR nutrient$ OR "nutrient cycle" OR "nitrogen availabil*" OR "nutrient exchange capacit*" OR "available nitrogen" OR NPK OR "nutrient leak*" OR "nutrient leach*" OR "soil nutrients" OR "available phosphorus" OR "phosphorus availabil*" OR "available potassium" OR "potassium availabil*" OR "climate regula*" OR "climate mitigation" OR "climate change mitigation" OR "climate chang*" OR "global warming" OR “carbon sequestration” OR "soil carbon sequestration" OR “carbon capture and storage” OR "emission$" OR "CCS" OR “ammonia emission$*” OR “methane emission$*” OR "nitrate emission$" OR "nitrous-oxide emission$" OR "NH4" OR "NH3" OR "CH4" OR "N2O" OR "CO2" OR "greenhouse gas emission$" OR "crop growth" OR "crop yield" OR "crop production" OR "biomass growth" OR "biomass yield" OR "biomass production" OR "raw material" OR "plant growth" OR "field" OR yield OR "increase" OR "improve*" OR "decrease" OR "mitiga*" OR "growth" OR "alleviat*" OR "effect$" OR "impact")) (TS = ("sand* soil$" OR "sandy soil" OR “sand* loamy soil$” OR “loamy sandy soil” OR “contaminated* soil$” OR "heavy metal* soil$" OR "sandy loam soil" OR "sandy loam" OR ultisol OR "agricultural soil" OR "loamy sand" OR "sandy clay loam" OR "cropping system" OR “sandy calcareous soil”))
Search formula = Intervention + Population + Outcome