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Table 1 Hydroclimatic variables used to describe ‘wetter’ and ‘drier’ conditions, based on 487 studies

From: A call for consistency with the terms ‘wetter’ and ‘drier’ in climate change studies

Variable Explanation
Precipitation In liquid or solid form
Soil moisture Soil water content/potential/storage, available soil water
Runoff Both surface and subsurface
Temperature Only air temperature
Evapotranspiration Both actual and potential evapotranspiration
Water table Groundwater and surface water levels
Proxies Stalagmites, sediments (pollen, isotopes, molluscs, diatoms, charcoal, magnetic etc.), tree rings, corals, mammals, paleosols
Not defined Unclear how ‘wetter’ and ‘drier’ should be understood in the context
Other variables Variables that were rarely mentioned, e.g., vegetation/habitat type (like wet/dry forests), humidity (usually very vague), water temperature, sea surface temperature, stream flow, salinity, radiation, snow water equivalent