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Table 1 Proposed search string designed for Web of Science advanced search. TS stands for “Topic” and includes searching within the fields: title, abstract, and keywords; TI stands for “Title”; SO stands for “Publication Name” (e.g. title of the journal)

From: What evidence exists on the impacts of flow variability on fish and macroinvertebrates of temperate floodplain rivers in Central and Western Europe? A systematic map protocol

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Population TS = (fish OR fishes OR *invertebrate* OR fauna OR larva* OR adult OR fry OR juvenile OR smolt OR parr OR salmo* OR "aquatic insect*" OR *zoobenthos OR macrobenthos OR Chironomidae OR Sphaeriidae OR Bithyniidae OR Lymnaeidae OR Muscidae OR Simuliidae OR Oligochaeta OR Erpobdellidae OR Amphipoda OR Physidae OR Valvatidae OR Asellidae OR Baetidae OR Caenidae OR Ephemeridae OR Glossiphoniidae OR Nemouridae OR Calopterygidae OR Gammaridae OR Leptoceridae OR Limnephilidae OR Haliplidae OR Ceratopogonidae OR Gomphidae OR Limoniidae OR Gerridae OR Tabanidae OR Hydropsychidae OR Lepidostomatidae OR Unionidae OR Planorbidae OR Ancylidae OR Platycnemididae OR Corixidae OR Sialidae OR Perlodidae OR Aphelocheiridae OR Ephemerellidae OR Heptageniidae OR Brachycentridae OR Odontoceridae OR Rhyacophilidae OR Hydrochidae OR Ameletidae OR Phryganeidae OR Dytiscidae OR Perlidae OR Sisyridae OR Polycentropodidae OR Sericostomatidae OR Viviparidae OR Haemopidae OR Lepidoptera OR Hydrachnida OR Corduliidae OR Libellulidae OR Naucoridae OR Notonectidae OR Hydrophilidae OR Scirtidae OR Spercheidae OR Culicidae OR Rhagionidae OR Gordiidae OR Hydroptilidae OR Elmidae OR Gyrinidae OR Empididae OR Ptychopteridae OR Libellulidae OR Athericidae OR Tipulidae OR Dendrocoelidae OR Neritidae OR Hydrobiidae OR Acroloxidae OR Molannidae OR Pedicidae OR Dreissenidae OR Aeshnidae OR Nepidae OR Planariidae OR Ecnomidae OR Noteridae OR Coenagrionidae OR Balanidae OR Piscicolidae OR Leptophlebiidae OR Pleidae OR Dryopidae OR Ephydridae OR Psychomyiidae OR Cambaridae OR Potamanthidae OR Siphlonuridae OR Psychodidae OR Chrysomelidae OR Corduliidae OR Goeridae OR Thiaridae OR Conchostraca OR Myidae OR Crangonidae OR Mysidae OR Beraeidae OR Helophoridae OR Cardiidae OR Taeniopterygidae OR Thaumaleidae OR Lestidae OR Dolichopodidae OR Oligoneuriidae OR Leuctridae OR Curculionidae OR Pontogammaridae OR Stratiomyidae OR Spongillidae OR Mesoveliidae OR Arthropleidae OR Turbellaria OR Hydrozoa OR Capniidae OR Dixidae OR Veliidae OR Araneae OR Hydraenidae OR Cordulegastridae OR Chloroperlidae OR Cyzicidae OR Polymitarcyidae OR Neoephemeridae OR Corbiculidae OR Isonychiidae OR Pyralidae OR Syrphidae OR Hirudinidae OR Astacidae OR Philopotamiidae OR Idoteidae OR Corophiidae OR Lynceidae OR Hebridae OR Blephariceridae OR Argulidae)
AND TS = (river* OR stream* OR lotic OR fluvial OR catchment* OR watershed* OR beck* OR brook* OR burn* OR creek* OR rivulet* OR tributar* OR watercourse* OR waterway* OR "flowing water*" OR "running water*" OR "freshwater*")
Intervention/ exposure AND TS = (hydrolog* OR drought* OR flood* OR discharge OR streamflow* OR "stream flow*" OR flow OR flows OR spate OR dam* OR reservoir* OR "hydroelectric facility*" OR "water abstraction" OR "water diversion" OR "lock" OR "locks" OR levee* OR "water abstraction" OR "land-use change" OR culvert* OR "climate change")
Exclusions NOT TI = (paleo* OR palaeo* OR pleistocene OR holocene OR fossil* OR "heavy metal*" OR "toxic metal*" OR medic*)
NOT SO = (paleo* OR palaeo* OR medic*)