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Table 1 Eligibility criteria for each PICO elements applied at the title/abstract and/or full-text

From: What evidence exists on the effectiveness of the techniques and management approaches used to improve the productivity of field-grown tomatoes under conditions of water-, nitrogen- and/or phosphorus-deficit? A systematic map

PICO element Eligible criteria Exclusion criteria
Title/abstract stage
 Population Presence of the crop name tomato Non-commercial crop OR
Other vegetables or crops
 Intervention Reference to a technique, treatment, or management strategy on use-efficiency of either water, N, P, or combinations of these Stress/tolerance other than or in addition to water, N and/or P (i.e., biotic, salinity, temperature, minerals, pesticides) OR
Controlled or protected conditions, such as in greenhouses or polytunnels, hydroponics
 Outcome Presence of the word productivity or yield Other outcomes, such as quality or nutritional properties
Full-text stage
 Population Presence of the crop name tomato Similar to criteria for the title screening
 Intervention Outcome obtained from field data Similar to criteria for the title screening OR
No impact reported on water, N and/or P use OR
No intervention aiming for water, N and/or P use-efficiency and for tomato productivity OR
Water, N and/or P reduced use only by direct effect of reuse/recycle sources OR
Laboratory experiment only, Soilless or pot experiment OR
Cell signalling study OR
Tomato breeding study not applied to the field
 Comparator Usual or current practices before the introduction of the intervention No comparator
 Outcome Productivity i.e., yield expressed either by fruit number or weight Similar to criteria for the title screening OR
No yield measurements OR
Economic measurements only OR