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Table 2 Data coding

From: Effectiveness of mycofiltration for removal of contaminants from water: a systematic review protocol

Code Variable Description
Bibliographic information Author Only last name of the first author, and et. al., for the other colleagues
Publication year Year the paper was published
Title Full title of the paper
Source of publication Nature of the publication e.g., journal article, report etc.,
Study location Country The country where the study was conducted
Study site Field/Laboratory If the study is based in the field or laboratory
Seasonality Season The season (s) in which the study was carried out e.g., summer, winter etc.,
Water source Sample nature Nature of the water sample subjected to filtration, e.g., river water, stormwater, effluent etc.,
Fungus species Species name (s) Fungal species employed in the filtration study e.g., P. ostreatus
Substrate employed Substrate Nature of the substrate used to create mycofilter e.g., wheat straw
Types of contaminants removed Organic contaminants Specific organic contaminants reported, e.g., pesticides
Inorganic contaminants Specific inorganic contaminants reported, e.g., heavy metals
Microbial contaminants Specific bacterial contaminants reported, e.g., E. coli
Contaminant limit of detection Lowest concentration of the contaminant that can be reliably detected
Mycofiltration procedure duration Time length The total length of time the mycofiltration procedure ran (minutes, hours, days etc.)
Mycofilter unit design and set-up Design Experimental design, stating if it is a single- or double-unit filter etc.,
Set-up Stating the nature of the set-up, whether it is a continuous flow or a batch system
Reported levels of contaminants pre- and post- mycofiltration Contaminant levels pre-mycofiltration Concentrations/ levels expressed in parts per million (ppm) and/ or parts per billion (ppb)
Contaminant levels post-mycofiltration Concentrations/ levels expressed in parts per million (ppm) and/ or parts per billion (ppb)
Comparator Control Nature of the study/ experiment control, i.e., no fungal filter
  1. This table should appear in “Data coding and extraction strategy” section