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Table 2 Description of the eligibility criteria for the screening process

From: Scientific evidence of sustainable plant disease protection strategies for oats in Sweden: a systematic map

Eligible criteria Included Excluded
Population Oat crops (Avena sativa) Studies not including A. sativa or including oat (A. sativa) but performed in laboratory, greenhouses, or pot experiments
Climate This inclusion criterion was based on the Köppen–Geiger climate classification [13]. Studies from temperate regions in zones Cfb and Dfb, corresponding to the main agricultural areas of southern Sweden, and Dfc, corresponding to northern Sweden. Studies from regions in the climate zone Cfa were also included since this climate is expected to prevail in Sweden with climate change Studies conducted in a geographical region with no relevant climate based on the Köppen–Geiger climate classification zones
Language Full text in English, Swedish, Norwegian or Danish Any study not available with its full text in one of the relevant languages
Interventiona Any disease management intervention, independently or in combination, including but not limited to crop rotation, resistant cultivars, cultivar mixtures, plows, no-tillage, biological control, and biofungicide and pesticide applications Use of pesticides active substances not allowed for use in EU. For this purpose, a list of active substances allowed for use in the EU was retrieved from the European Commission database ( at the start of the article screening process (Additional file 3)
Outcome Any type of effect of disease control interventions that are measured in productivity in terms of total harvest, yield per area, or relevant crop quality measures, e.g., decrease in toxin levels, plant health status, or reduced disease symptoms. Disease reduction was included as a proxy for potential yield increase or increase in crop quality  
Study design Use of any relevant experimental study design including but not limited, randomized control trials (RCT) randomized split block trials (RSBT) and exposure versus no exposures/control impact (CI) Articles and reports not including original data and/or with no statistical evaluation of the data
  1. aThe intervention criteria identified in this map are described in detail in Table 3