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Table 3 Description of the disease control intervention and management strategies applied by the studies included in the systematic map

From: Scientific evidence of sustainable plant disease protection strategies for oats in Sweden: a systematic map

Intervention/Management type Description
Cultivar resistance Evaluation of different oat cultivars or varieties for resistance to diseases
Pesticide application Use of any approved pesticide (for use in the EU) for disease control, including fungicides, growth regulators and herbicides. Includes tests with different spraying rates and time points and comparisons between different pesticides
Soil preparation Use of agricultural practices for soil preparation (plowing, tillage, minimum tillage and no-tillage) as a disease control management approach
Soil amendments Use of soil fertilization for disease control (nitrogen and copper). Includes tests with different application rates and times of application
Cultivar mixture Cultivation of a mixture of oat cultivars for disease control management
Inoculum level Addition of different levels of disease inoculum to plants to assess the effects on disease development
Seed rate Use of different seed rates to assess disease incidence in the field
Sowing time Implementation of sowing at different times to control disease development
Crop rotation Use of crop rotation as a disease control management strategy
Cropping systems Comparison between different crop systems (conventional and organic systems) in terms of disease development
Integrated crop-livestock system Use of different integrated crop-livestock systems (agrosilvopastoral and agropastoral systems) to assess disease development in oats
Intercrop system Use of multiple cropping practices to assess disease development in oats
Lodging Assess the effect of lodging on disease development and mycotoxin content in oat grains
Seed thermal treatment Assess the efficacy of seed thermal treatment for oat seed decontamination
Time of harvest Harvest on different dates to assess oat grain quality