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Table 1 Eligibility criteria associated question element (i.e. PECO element or other criteria such as language) and the screening stage at which it applies, title and abstract, full text or both

From: Evidence of the impacts of pharmaceuticals on aquatic animal behaviour: a systematic map protocol

Eligibility criteria Question element Screening stage
Uses an aquatic animal
 Animal that have at least one phase of their life as obligate aquatic (e.g. fish, amphibian, aquatic mammal, aquatic invertebrate)
Population (P) Both
Uses a wild type animal
 An animal that is not genetically modified
Population (P) Full text
Uses at least one pharmaceutical compound
 A decision tree will be used to assist screeners in deciding whether a compound qualifies as a pharmaceutical compound (Additional file 1: Figure S1)
Exposure (E) Both
Has a control group
 A non-exposed group to which the exposed group is compared and is therefore not a review, meta-analysis, conference proceeding etc
Comparator (C) Both
Measures behaviour
 An organism’s kinematic response, or lack of kinematic response (e.g. freezing, resting), to an internal or external stimulus (e.g. foraging in response to hunger [internal] or food [external] stimuli [40])
Outcome (O) Both
Is in a language in which our review team is proficient
 English, Swedish, Norwegian, Czech, Slovak, Japanese, Polish, Russian
Language Both