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Table 7 Data extraction fields and codes filled with example answers to be pre-coded

From: Strategies for managing spring frost risks in orchards: effectiveness and conditionality—A systematic review protocol

  Category Pre-coded options Free text
Metadata of the study Type of publication Peerreviewed journal, Organisational report, Professional journal, Conference paper, Thesis  
Study setup Field experiment, Greenhouse experiment, Cold chamber, other  
Study design Blocked randomised design, randomised design (blocked), blocked design, randomised design (splitplot), randomised design, factorial design, Latin square, split-plot design, strip-plot design, field-scale comparison (no replication within a field), paired design, purposive, other, NA, ND  
Variability measure None, Unclear, Overall 95% CI, Overall CV, Overall LSD, Overall p values, Overall SE, Raw data, Overall SED, Individual CI, Individual 95% CI, Individual SD, Individual LSD, Individual SE, Individual p values, Individual SED  
Sample size   [number of spatial replicates per treatment]
Number of observations per replication   [number of trees/ branches]
Funding Governmental, university, private sector, NGOs, foundations  
Country List of temperate countries  
Longitude/latitude   [longitude and latitude retrieved from given address]
Height above sea level   [m]
Relief   Description
Land use type (surroundings)   Description
Dominant soil texture   Description
Set-up Intervention(s)   Description of intervention
Intervention class Water, wind, foliar application, mechanic intervention, covering, heating  
Fruit Apple, Pear, Cherry, Peach, Nectarine, Plum, Apricot, Avocado, Lemon, Orange, Grapefruit, Mandarine, Pomelo, Grapevine  
Cultivar   Variety name
Rootstock   Rootstock name
Development stage   [BBCH code or description]
Pruning details   Any information given
Distance between rows and trees   Meter x meter
Field size   [m2]
Planting year   Year(s)
Measurement year   Year(s)
Groundcover   Description
Orientation of rows North: South, East: West, North-East: South-West, North-West: South-East  
Temperature sensors position On trees  ≥ 2 m, On trees < 2 m, between trees  ≥ 2 m, between trees < 2 m, off-field, in flowers, in greenhouse  
Conditions of effective-ness Frost type—tested Radiative, advective  
Frost type—effective Radiative, advective  
Details if applicable
Timing, concentration, strength of inversion, discharge
Wind speed (max)   In m/s
Wind direction   
Relative humidity   In %
Min. temp. recorded   [°C]
Min. temp. effective   [°C]
Length of frost period   [h]
Results Identified limitations   Description
Costs per ha (€)   [€ or volume of resources]
Yield   [kg]
Flower/ bud damage   [%]
Bud break   [days]
Difference in days
Max. recorded temperature increase (intervention–control)   [°C]
Effective measure Yes, no