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Table 3 Variables that will be extracted

From: Estimating ecotoxicological effects of chemicals on tropical reef-building corals; a systematic review protocol

Variable Description
Taxon Name of the taxon (coded from the systematic map)
Population exposed Description of the population exposed (e.g., coral nubbin with length, larvae with age, egg-sperm bundle)
Life stage Developmental stage of the population exposed (adult, juvenile, larval, gamete)
Control Description of the control
Solvent Description of the solvent and concentration used if any
Exposure Exposure coded from the systematic map with more complete description if necessary
Nominal concentration Nominal concentration with unit
Effective concentration Concentration(s) actually measured with unit and time measured (e.g., at the beginning and/or the end of the experiment)
Duration Duration of exposure with unit. If several durations are available for one exposure concentration in a test, the longest duration will be extracted
Type of system The type of experimental system (e.g., petri dish, beaker, tank, microcosm, mesocosm, in situ)
Temperature Mean seawater temperature during exposure in °C
pH Mean seawater pH during exposure
Measured outcome Outcome coded from the systematic map with more complete description if necessary. Detail will be provided here in case the outcome was measured on a different developmental stage than the one exposed
Time after exposure Time when the outcome was measured after exposure ceased
Quantitative result*
*Extraction only for outcomes related to coral mortality, growth, settlement, symbiont density and photosynthesis
Sample size, mean, type and measure of variation of the mean (e.g., standard deviation) for the control and the exposed group
Narrative result*
*Extraction only for the exposure categories Detergent, Dispersant, Microplastic, Nanoparticle, Pharmaceutical, UV filter, and Other, and only for outcomes that will not undergo extraction of quantitative results
Description of a statistically tested result