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Table 2 Full search string grouped by sub-strings in relation to our concept categories

From: What evidence exists on how changes in marine ecosystem structure and functioning affect ecosystem services delivery? A systematic map protocol

Sub-string Search terms
Term 1 (marine OR coast* OR ocean OR sea OR littoral OR maritime) AND (species OR biodiversity OR ecosystem OR ecological)
Term 2 ("ecosystem service$" OR "contribution to people" OR "ecosystem function$" OR "ecosystem process" OR "landscape service$" OR disservice$ OR "provisioning service$" OR ((provision OR production OR exploitation) AND (food OR fisher* OR macro-algae$ OR molecules)) OR "biomass for nutrition" OR "biomass for materials" OR "genetic materials" OR "raw materials" OR "maintain* food webs" OR "life cycle maintenance and habitat protection" OR "habitat provision" OR "nursery function" OR "regulation service$" OR "climate regulation" OR "carbon sequestration" OR "weather regulation" OR "atmospheric composition and conditions" OR "air quality regulation" OR "coastal protection" OR "water retention" OR "nutrient regulation" OR "nutrient cycling" OR "pathogen regulation" OR "pest and disease control" OR "mediation of waste" OR "mediation of mass" OR "cultural service$" OR "intellectual interaction" OR "physical interaction" OR "experiential interaction$" OR tourism OR recreation OR amenity OR aesthetic OR heritage OR symbolic OR "cognitive effect$" OR "knowledge production" OR education)
Ecosystem service
Term 3 (dynamic$ OR impact$ OR effect$ OR variation$ OR interaction$ OR evolution OR change$)
  1. The asterisk (*) at the end of a search term/word is used to accept any variant of a base term. The dollar ($) is used to accept single or no added characters; useful for acquiring plural and singular forms. Quotation marks were used to search the exact word order (or phrase)