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Table 4 Search strings and search hits

From: What evidence exists on how changes in marine ecosystem structure and functioning affect ecosystem services delivery? A systematic map protocol

  Name Section of search Search string Search hits Date search
Literature databases Web of science TS cf. Table 2 17,329 20/07/2021
Scopus TITLE-ABS-KEY cf. Table 2 24,051 20/07/2021
Online search engine Google scholar keywords (marine OR coastal OR ocean) AND (species OR biodiversity OR ecosystem) AND “ecosystem services” AND change 300 22/07/2021
Organisa-tional websites FAO language: "English" fishery 50 27/08/2021
UNESCO Filter: language: "English"—source: "UNESCO"—AuthoCorporate-en-s: "Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission"—nature of content: "guide" AND "manuals and handbooks" marine ecosystem service 50 19/08/2021
UNEP Filters: "Reports and publications" AND "Publication" AND "Report", "Ecosystems and biodiversity" AND "oceans and seas" marine ecosystem service 50 19/08/2021
US NOAA   ecosystem service 15 19/08/2021
EEA   marine ecosystem service 7 19/08/2021
IUCN   ecosystem service 32 27/08/2021