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Table 1 Search string that will be used in the search of the literature in the Web of Science Core Collection, Scopus, Ovid Medline® and Environmental Complete databases

From: What are the outcomes of marine site protection on poverty of coastal communities in Southeast Asia? A systematic review protocol

Search string
Intervention terms (“marine protect*” OR “marine reserve*” OR “marine refug*” OR “marine park*” OR “partial closure” OR “no$take zone” OR “no$trawl*” OR “marine conservation zone” OR “nature park”) OR “mangrove protect*” OR “mangrove reserve*” OR “mangrove refug*” OR “mangrove park*” OR mangrove management)
Outcome terms (poverty OR impoverish* OR unemploy* OR non-employ* OR depriv* OR disadvantaged OR disparit* OR underprivilege* OR inequit* OR inequalit* OR needy* OR “resource$poor” OR penury* OR privation* OR destitut* OR vulnerab* OR “socio$econom*” OR “low$income” OR economy OR economic* OR inequit* OR equit* OR “resource$rich” OR advantaged OR employ* OR “high$income” OR income OR livelihood* OR “standard of living” OR “living standard”)