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Table 1 Search specifications for each database or search engine (DSE)

From: Effects of sediment exposure on corals: a systematic review of experimental studies

DSE category DSE Name (Abbrev.) DSE scope Search specification(s) Search date
Bibliographic databases: 1) Web of Science (WoS), All Databases General science Topic (titles, authors, abstracts, keywords); ‘All Databases’ include:
(a) WoS Core Collection (SCI-EXPANDED, ESCI),
(b) Biological Abstracts,
(c) SciELO Citation Index,
& (d) Zoological Record
All years (1950–May 23, 2019)
2) JSTOR General academic Abstract, All content, Any time May 23, 2019
3) Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts (ASFA) Aquatic and marine science Abstract, Any time May 23, 2019
4) Dissertations & Theses Global (PQDT) Global dissertations and theses Abstract, Any time May 23, 2019
Organizational databases: 5) James Cook University One Search (JCU) Australian university dissertations and theses Abstract, Dissertation/Thesis, Any time May 23, 2019
6) ReefBase Proceedings of the International Coral Reef Symposium Title; also Keywords for taxon-specific search terms; Any time Nov. 4, 2019*
7) United States federal government science Full record (no 'Abstract' option), Any time May 23, 2019
8) Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) Elibrary Australian federal government science All of ELibrary, Type = Report, Any time May 23, 2019
9) Western Australia Marine Science Institute’s Dredging Science Node (WAMSI DSN) Australian non-governmental reports All reports and research articles listed at [34], Any time Dec. 16, 2019**
  1. *Search not sensitive to search date between publications of conference proceedings every 4 years (2017–2022)
  2. **Search not sensitive to search date because no new reports and research articles were posted to this site between May, 23 2019 and Dec. 16, 2019