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Table 3 All articles and studies included in the meta-analysis of the effects of deposited sediment (DSC) on corals

From: Effects of sediment exposure on corals: a systematic review of experimental studies

Study ID (s) Article authors and year [Citation] Species codes* Ocean/Region Study site DSC range (mg/cm2/day) Exposure duration* Coral responses*
Continuous Binary
DS40 Abdel-Salam 1989, Chapter 3 [107] 8 spp. Atlantic/Caribbean Field 59.4 Short/Long R, P, P/R MO, B
DS01 Babcock and Davies 1991 [54] AMIL Pacific/Great Barrier Reef (GBR) Lab 0.5—325 Short SE
DS02 Babcock and Smith 2000 [25] AMIL Pacific/W. Australia Field 0.7—12 Long JS, SE
DS03 Bessell-Browne et al. 2017a [75] AMIL, PORI, TREN Pacific/GBR Lab 0—40 Short CHL, CI, MQY AM, M, TM
DS48 Bessell-Browne et al. 2017b [108] PORI Pacific/GBR Lab 0—20 Long M
DS49 Coffroth 1985 [109] PAST, PFUR Atlantic/Caribbean Field 5—78.9 Short M
DS04 Duckworth et al. 2017 [110] AMIL, MCAPI, TREN, PORI Pacific/GBR Lab 0.5—235 Short/Long MQY AM, B, TM
DS37 Fabricius et al. 2003 [59] AWIL Pacific/GBR Lab 1—20.3 Short JS
DS68 Flores et al. 2012 [48] MAEQ, AMIL Pacific/GBR Lab 0.4—83 Long AM, CHL, G, MPY, TM
DS69 Gil et al. 2016 [111] APUL, PRUS Pacific/French
Lab 0.4—83 Long TM,G
DS38 Goh and Lee 2008 [27] PDAM Pacific/Malacca
Lab 0—2.5 Long SE
DS42 Gowan et al. 2014 [112] PORI Pacific/French
Field/ Lab 3.8—12; 17—23 Short/Long B, G
DS71 HDR EOC and CSA Ocean Services 2014 [113] PCYC, PLUT, PRUS, PCAC Pacific/Marianas
Lab 50—400 Long TM B, M
DS05 Hodel 2007 [76] ACER Atlantic/Florida Lab 0—200 Long - B, M,
DS06 Hodgson 1990b [58] PDAM Pacific/S. China Sea Lab 0—1053 Long SE
DS07 Hodgson 1990a [114] OGLA, MVER, PLOB, PMEA Pacific/S. China Sea Lab 30—40 Short/Long TM AM, B
a, b
Hodgson 1989, ‘Sediment Resistance Hierarchy’ experiment [115] 36 spp., 22 spp. Pacific/S. China Sea Field 0—40 Short/Long AM, TM
DS10 Junjie et al. 2014 [116] GFAS, GSOM Pacific/Singapore Lab 26 Long NP, MQY, P/R, R
DS11 Lirman et al. 2008 [117] PAST, SSID Atlantic/Florida Lab 53 Long G AM
DS12 Loiola et al. 2013 [118] MBRA Atlantic/Brazil Lab 0—450 Long MO,PE, SI, TM AM
DS13 Moeller et al. 2017 [87] LPUR, AHYA Pacific/Marianas Field/Lab 0—1000 Long JS
DS15 Perez et al. 2014 [119] PDAM Pacific/Hawaiʻi Lab 0—1.5 Long SE  
DS43 Peters and Pilson 1985 [120] ADAN Atlantic/Eastern
US coast
Lab 0—200 Long G, NO AM, B, M, P/R, TM
DS16 Philipp and Fabricius 2003 [65] 13 spp. Pacific/GBR Field/Lab 0—200 Short CHL, EQY, MPY, SY AM, B, M, TM
DS17 Piniak 2007 [73] MCAPI, PLOB Pacific/Hawaiʻi Lab 0—509 Short MPY AM, B, TM
DS18 Piniak and Brown 2008 [121] PDAM Pacific/Hawaiʻi Field 38—426 Long AM, G, TM
DS19 Ricardo et al. 2017 [56] AMIL Pacific/GBR Lab 0—180; 0—300 Short SE
DS20 Riegl and Branch 1995 [21] FFAV, FPEN, PDAE, GINT Indian/SW Indian Ocean Lab 0—200 Short M, P, R P/R
DS21 Rogers 1979 [68] ACER Atlantic/Caribbean Field 0—200 Long G AM, B, TM
DS45 Rogers 1983 [69] APAL, OANN, ACER, DSTR, DCLI Atlantic/Caribbean Field 0—800 Short/Long AM, B, TM
DS23 Selim 2007 [122] ATEN, SPIS, PDAM Indian/Red Sea Lab 0—30 Short M, SY
DS24 Sheridan et al. 2014 [123] MPAT Pacific/Madagascar Lab 62 Short L, ME, NO, PH, P/R
DS25 Shore-Maggio et al. 2018 [124] MCAPI Pacific/Hawaiʻi Lab 100 Long AM TM
DS26 Sofonia 2006, Chapter 3 [125] TMES, MDIG Pacific/GBR Lab 0—246 Long CHL, G, L AM, B
DS27 Sofonia 2006, Chapter 4 [125] AFOR, MTUB, PCYC Pacific/GBR Field 1—372 Long B M, MO, TM
DS28 Sofonia and Anthony 2008 [126] TMES Pacific/GBR Lab 0—12 Long G, L, MPY AM
DS29 Stafford-Smith 1990, Chapter 4 [127] 10 spp. Pacific/GBR Field 0—400 Long AM, B, TM TI
DS30 Stafford-Smith 1992 [128] LPHR Pacific/GBR Lab 0—800 Short/Long AM, B, TM
DS46 Stafford-Smith 1993 [20] 22 spp. Pacific/GBR Field 200 Short AM, B
DS31 Stafford-Smith and Ormond 1992 [129] 42 spp. Pacific/GBR Field 0—50 Long M, MO
DS32 Stewart et al. 2006 [71] AHYA, PVER Pacific/French
Field/Lab 62.5—125 Long SR AM, B
DS33 Vargas-Angel et al. 2006 [72] MCAV Atlantic/Florida Lab 200—225 Long AM, B, M, MO, TM
DS34 Weber et al. 2006 [90] MPEL Pacific/GBR Field/ Lab 33—160 Short MQY M, MO
DS36 Zill et al. 2017 [130] PORI Pacific/French
Field 54.2 Long G, SR AM
  1. *Keys to species codes and coral responses in Additional file 4. Species codes are listed when 5 species (spp.) or fewer are in study. Exposure duration: ‘short’ < 1 week, ‘long’ ≥ 1 week. Coral response is either “Continuous” data or “Binary,” indicating response data from which LOAELs and NOAELs were derived