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Table 4 All articles and studies included in the meta-analysis of the effects of suspended sediment (SSC) on corals

From: Effects of sediment exposure on corals: a systematic review of experimental studies

Study ID (s) Article authors and year [Citation] Species codes* Ocean/Region Study site SSC range (mg/L) Exposure duration* Coral responses*
Continuous Binary
SS01 Anthony 1999 [131] GRET, PCYL Pacific/Great Barrier Reef (GBR) Lab 0.7—16 Long G G
a, b
Anthony and Fabricius 2000 [78] GRET, PCYL Pacific/GBR Lab 0.68—30.05 Short/Long G, P, P/R G, AH
SS27 Anthony et al. 2007 [74] AINT Pacific/GBR Lab 0.2—10.2 Short/Long AM, CHL, L B, AM
SS04 Bessell-Browne et al. 2017c [132] AMIL, MCAP, PORT Pacific/GBR Lab 1.17—91.69 Long TM, AM AM, B, TM, PE, MQY
SS05 Browne et al. 2014 [133] MAMP, PSPE, PSIN Indo-Pacific/Malacca Strait Lab 0.00—242.5 Short P/R, PE, R, NP P/R, CHL, PE
SS06 Browne et al. 2015 [134] MAMP, PSPE, PSIN Indo-Pacific/Malacca Strait Lab 1.0—92.4 Long MPY, NP, R, TM, P/R P/R, PE, TM, AM
SS28 Dallmeyer et al. 1982 [82] OANN Atlantic/Jamaica Lab 0—525 Short R, P B
SS07 Erftemeijer et al. 2012b [135] PLAC Indo-Pacific/Singapore Lab 6—169 Short FS FS
SS08 Flores et al. 2012 [48] MAEQ, AMIL Pacific/GBR Lab 0—98.2 Long TM, AM, PE, CHL, G TM, AM, PE, CHL, G
a, b, c
Gilmour 1999 [23] ADIG Indian/Coastal NW Australia Field/Lab 1.66—124.01 Short FS, LS, LE FS, LS, LE
a, b
Humanes et al. 2017a [81] ATEN, AMIL, PACU Pacific/GBR Lab 0—100 Long JS, G, PE, R, NP PE, G, AM, P/R
a, b, c, d
Humanes et al. 2017b [136] ATEN Pacific/GBR Lab 0.1—110.7 Short LS, SE, FS LS, SE, FS
a, b, c
Humphrey et al. 2008 [49] AMIL Pacific/GBR Lab 0—1024 Short FS, MO FS, MO
SS15 Jokiel et al. 2014 [137] PCOM Pacific/Hawaiʻi Field 3.1—36.8 Long G, AM, TM, SE -
a, b, c
Kendall et al. 1985 [138] ACER Atlantic/Florida Field 0—100 Short CAL, PRO HI, HY, M, TE
a, b
Liu et al. 2015 [139] AMUR Pacific/Taiwan and Coastal China Lab 0—45 Long PE, CHL, SY PE, B
a, b
Ricardo et al. 2015 [50] ATEN, AMIL Pacific/GBR Lab 0—705 Short FS FS
a, b, c, d
Ricardo et al. 2016 [52] AMIL, ATEN Pacific/BR Lab 0—1159 Short LS LS
a, b
Ricardo et al. 2018 [24] AMIL, ATEN Pacific/GBR Lab 0—965 Short FS FS
a, b, c
Rice 1984 [140] 8 spp. Atlantic/Bahamas and Florida Keys Lab 0—199 Short/Long G, AM G, AM
a, b
Te 1992 [55] PDAM Pacific/Guam Lab 0—1000 Long SR SR
SS25 Te 2001 [77] MVER Pacific/Hawaiʻi Lab 27—121 Long G, AM P/R, G, AM, B, TM
  1. *Keys to species codes and coral responses in Additional file 4. Species codes are listed when 5 species (spp.) or fewer in study. Exposure duration: ‘short’ < 1 week, ‘long’ ≥ 1 week. Coral response is either “Continuous” data or “Binary,” indicating response data from which LOAELs and NOAELs were derived