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Table 2 Search results in the scoping exercise for the search string developed in this protocol in the five scientific bibliographic databases (2000–2021)

From: Evidence based disease control methods in potato production: a systematic map protocol

Database Date of search Number of hits
Web of Science core collection 2021-08-18 3 792
Biosis Citation Indexa 2021-08-18 2 538
CABI: CAB Abstract and Global Health 2021-08-18 9 102
Scopus 2021-08-18 3 601
Agrisb 2021-08-18 754
  1. a (2009–2021)
  2. b A shorter search string will be used: (Fung* OR oomycete* OR nematod* OR bacter* OR virus* OR viral OR viroid* OR pathogen*) AND (potato OR “Solanum tuberosum”)