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Table 3 Descriptive information retrieved for all studies included in the systematic map

From: Evidence based disease control methods in potato production: a systematic map protocol

Code Description
Bibliographic information Unique reference ID, Reference type, Year of publication, Authors, Title, Journal, Volume, Page number, URL, or DOI
Location(s) of study Country (and region when relevant)
Disease(s) Common name of the disease(s)
Pathogen type(s) Fungi, bacteria, viruses, viroids, virus-like organisms, phytoplasmas, protozoa, oomycetes, nematodes, or parasitic plants
Disease-causing organism(s) Scientific names of organisms causing the diseases
Study type(s) i) Any type of experimental study designs used in field or pots with soil that can be statistically evaluated: before and after studies (BA), before and after control impact studies (BACI), randomized control trials (RCT) randomized split block trials (RSBT) and exposure versus no exposures/control impact (CI)
ii) Studies reporting a Disease Support System
iii) Studies reporting disease diagnosis method(s)
Management(s) Any type of disease control intervention or management: application of any type of pesticide or biological control agent, any type of seed management, cultivar resistance, or cultivar mixtures, etc. If a management agricultural practice was evaluated to disease control, then it was also included: any type of agricultural practices such as crop rotation, intercrop systems, any type of soil management, fertilization, plant density, time of sowing, and harvest techniques
Diseased part(s): Tuber, roots, leaf, stem, flower
Plant stage(s) Seed potato, plantlet, adult, mature, or post-harvest
Outcome(s) Any effect of disease control measured: yield, crop quality, plant health, disease incidence, disease severity
GMO Yes or No, if yes: specify which type of trait the included cultivar(s) have been given
Decision support system(s) Characteristics of DSS used for assisting farmers in decision-making for disease control
Diagnostic tool(s) Type of diagnostic tool including, but not limited to the ocular, immunological, or molecular method for identification of potato disease