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Table 1 Eligibility criteria

From: What is the effect on antibiotic resistant genes of chlorine disinfection in drinking water supply systems? A systematic review protocol


Inclusion criteria

Exclusion criteria

Type of study

Original articles, studies presented in theses and conferences

Books, letters to editor, review studies (literature reviews, systematic reviews, and meta-analysis), risk assessment and modeling studies



Non-English papers


Water treatment plants, water sources (springs and wells) used as drinking water after disinfection with chlorine and chlorine compounds (such as Cl2, Ca(OCl)2, NaOCl)

Municipal wastewater, hospital wastewater, sewage, surplus water, runoff


Contact with chlorine and its compounds disinfectant

Contact with other disinfectants (UV, O3, etc.)


Report of ARGs in chlorinated disinfected water prevalence or concentration of ARGs

No report of ARGs in water before and after chlorine disinfection or only report ARB

Study design

Observational studies (cross-sectional studies) and experimental studies (such as pilot):

1. Study designs with appropriate comparators, including before/after, control/treatment, different interventions (chlorine dosage) as well as studies including both these types of comparisons will be included

2. Studies examining the presence or prevalence of ARGs in chlorinated drinking water


This review is not limited to geographical area (it is global)


No time limit