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Table 3 Typology of outcomes (see Additional file 7 for detailed typology)

From: What evidence exists on the links between natural climate solutions and climate change mitigation outcomes in subtropical and tropical terrestrial regions? A systematic map protocol

Category Subcategory Definition
Climate change mitigation Greenhouse gas emissions Change in GHG emissions (including nitrous oxide (NO2), methane (CH4), and carbon dioxide (CO2)) as measured in equivalent metric tons of CO2 as a result of intervention
Carbon storage and sequestration Measure of change in aboveground biomass carbon stocks
Land condition Measures of change in characteristics of existing ecosystems, including composition, structure, or function of that ecosystem that affects its carbon storage potential
Land cover Any measure of change in vegetation cover, including extent of vegetation maintained, recovered/regenerated, deforested, or converted to another land type. Also includes outcomes related to wood extraction from forests for fuel (as a proxy for deforestation)