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Table 4 Complementary intervention typology (see Additional File 6)

From: What evidence exists on the links between natural climate solutions and climate change mitigation outcomes in subtropical and tropical terrestrial regions? A systematic map protocol

Category Definition
Policies, laws, mandates, and regulation Actions to develop, change, influence, and help implement formal legislation, regulations, and voluntary standards aimed at supporting climate change mitigation actions
Training, technical support, and capacity building Actions to build capacity to do better conservation including developing partnerships and institutions as well as improving understanding and skills
Good governance and securing rights Actions taken to define and secure rights to resources for and by local actors, build local capacity for management and participation and empowerment in decision-making, improving and strengthening governance structures and processes to ensure fair and equitable participation, inclusion, transparency, and accountability in management of natural resources and ecosystems
Livelihood, economic & other incentives Actions to use economic and other incentives to influence behaviour around climate change mitigation actions