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Stakeholder engagement in systematic reviews and map

  1. Involving stakeholders in systematic reviews is common practice and is advised in the Collaboration for Environmental Evidence (CEE) Guidelines (v.4.2). Frameworks for engaging stakeholders exist and should be...

    Authors: Jessica J. Taylor, Trina Rytwinski, Joseph R. Bennett and Steven J. Cooke
    Citation: Environmental Evidence 2017 6:26
  2. Systematic reviews and systematic maps, regarded as a gold standard for syntheses of documented research evidence, are increasingly used to inform decisions in environmental management. To increase their relev...

    Authors: Magnus Land, Biljana Macura, Claes Bernes and Sif Johansson
    Citation: Environmental Evidence 2017 6:25
  3. Systematic reviews and maps in the environmental field are often carried out in contexts of contestation between different knowledge holders and users, placing demands on the review team to constructively rela...

    Authors: Rasmus Kløcker Larsen and Annika E. Nilsson
    Citation: Environmental Evidence 2017 6:17