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  1. Agriculture is the dominant land use throughout much of Europe. Changes to farming practices have led to concerns about negative impacts on biodiversity, and current agricultural policy has an emphasis towards...

    Authors: Nicola P Randall and Katy L James

    Citation: Environmental Evidence 2012 1:4

    Content type: Systematic review

    Published on:

  2. Predicted increases in stream temperature due to climate change will have a number of direct and indirect impacts on stream biota. A potential intervention for mitigating stream temperature rise is the use of ...

    Authors: Diana E Bowler, Rebecca Mant, Harriet Orr, David M Hannah and Andrew S Pullin

    Citation: Environmental Evidence 2012 1:3

    Content type: Systematic review

    Published on:

  3. Chronic arsenic pollution is now recognised as a worldwide problem, with 21 countries experiencing arsenic groundwater contamination. It is a particularly important issue in developing countries, where groundw...

    Authors: M Pearson, T Jones-Hughes, R Whear, C Cooper, J Peters, EH Evans and M Depledge

    Citation: Environmental Evidence 2011 1:1

    Content type: Systematic Review Protocol

    Published on:

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